DBT - Brighter Than Creation’s Dark CD
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DBT - Brighter Than Creation’s Dark CD

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A 19-song 75+ minute southern gothic rock n' roll masterpiece. Featuring songs from Patterson, Cooley and Shonna. The album also features contributions from Legendary Muscle Shoals keyboardist Spooner Oldham. Featuring the songs "The Righteous Path", "3 Dimes Down" and "Purgatory Line".

Track Listing:
1. Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife
2. Three Dimes Down
3. The Righteous Path
4. I'm Sorry Huston
5. Perfect Timing
6. Daddy Needs a Drink
7. Self Destructive Zones
8. Bob
9. Home Field Advantage
10. Opening Act
11. Lisa's Birthday
12. The Man I Shot
13. Purgatory Line
14. The Home Front
15. Check Out Time In Vegas
16. You and Your Crystal Meth
17. Goode's Field Road
18. A Ghost To Most
19. Monument Valley Item #: D2CD09
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